Travels with Teens

Jo Eckard

Hello, my name is Jo Eckardt.

I have been organizing trips and tours in Germany since 2004. When I was 21, I moved from Germany to the US and spent the next 19 years there, mostly in New York. I worked as a German teacher at NYU and as a translator for the German Mission to the United Nations. In 2001 I came back to Germany and started my own travel business soon after.

As I was preparing my own travels with my kids, I came to realize that there are no offers for families traveling with teens. Sure, you can go to a family resort and send the kids off to some camp activity, but that’s not what I had in mind. I wanted to travel and see things, and at the same time know that the kids would feel challenged and have a good time as well. That’s when my new idea was born: Travels for families with teens.

I have prepared different tours through Germany that will be exciting and fun-filled for everybody and which all follow these important principles:

    ▪ Only families with teens will travel along so that your kids will find others to hang out with and no childless couples will throw you looks of annoyance (or pity)
    ▪ All the hotels are luxurious (4, often 5 star ) hotels and include a pool so that your kids have something to look forward to in the evening(and you will stay at least 2 nights in every hotel so that you can use these features).
    ▪ Every day there will be some touring for everyone and then some special activity for those who like fun and adventure. If the grown-ups don’t want to join the kids, there will be an alternative program for them.
    ▪ There will be a special guide for the kids traveling along so that they will always be supervised.
    ▪ Groups will be between 20-30 (so that enough teens will be on board, but without being squeezed into your typical tourist bus with 50 people)
    ▪ Younger siblings can come along but they may not be able to participate in all activities and/or will have to be accompanied by an adult (f.ex. in amusement parks)
    ▪ Breakfast and lunch will be included in the tour, but in the evening families have a choice of dining with the group or going off on their own to spend some time alone.

If you like these principles, check out the various itineraries(click on tours). You will find the prices comparable to any Europe-package deal, but you will get to see and do so much more!