Tour 1: date still pending

Christmas Tour through Germany
Munich - Nürnberg - Dresden - Berlin

Day 1: Transfer from the Munich airport or station (depending on where you arrive) to your luxurious hotel. In the afternoon, we will go on a walking tour through Munich and of course stop at the Viktualienmarkt, Germany's most famous fresh produce market. For exercise, climb the church tower of St. Peter for a breathtaking view over the city (on a clear day you can see the Alps!). In the evening, enjoy the hotel pool.
Rathaus: Munich City Hall

Day 2: Drive to Germany’s (the World’s?) most famous castle: Neuschwanstein (the “Disney’ Castle”!). It’s a spectacular sight on the foot of the majestic Alps. Visit the Castle, and then the group will split up: the active ones will go on a hiking trip and go down by gondula. The others will visit the lovely city of Füssen. On the way back to Munich, stop at the picturesque Cloister Ettal.


Day 3: Visit Eagle's Nest and Salzburg (Austria). Try original Mozart Kugeln (marzipan-chocolate candy). See the original landscape of the Sound of Music.

Day 4 In the morning visit a Munich Museum. The active alternative: The kids can climb up the roof of the Olympic Stadium (don’t worry, they are secured with ropes - it is an extreme, but safe and fun sport). In the afternoon transfer to Nürnberg and arrive for dinner. Enjoy the hotel pool!

Day 5: A city tour will include a visit to the castle, a multi-media film about Nürnberg, and a stroll through the Old Town. In the afternoon, the children will have the opportunity to do a cart race. .

Day 6: Transfer to Dresden, visit the Zwinger (former castle, now museum), the restored Frauenkirche and the old town. The Panometer will take you back in time 200 years and is a unique experience the whole family will enjoy.

Day 7: If weather permits, we will visit the Bastei. This amazing rock formation reminds one of the great canyons (on a smaller scale, of course). You have the opportunity to hike down a very adventurous trail (steep! Wear good shoes!). Afterwards, visit Königstein, one of the largest fortresses in Europe and return to Dresden.


Day 8: Drive to Berlin. Bus tour to see the highlights.
Brandenburger Tor

Day 9: Tour of the Reichstag, the German Parliament. Afterwards, have lunch on the rooftop in the Käfer restaurant, enjoy a great view over the city. The kids can walk up the very popular glass dome. In the afternoon, visit the two most spectacular museums of Germany: the Pergamon and Neues Museum (a UNESCO World Heritage site). Yes, even teenagers will be in awe! In the late afternoon, visit an IMAX show in famous Sony Center.

Day 10: An all day-excursion to Potsdam, a beautiful city with one of Germany’s most beautiful palaces: Sanssouci and the New Palais. The parks of Potsdam are recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. In the afternoon, visit Cecilienhof (site of the 1945 Potsdam Conference) while the kids will explore an adventure park that leads them up into the tree tops for a daring climb. Return to Berlin in the evening.

Day 11: Return to the US, or stay on for more!

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